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Welcome to Equistro.com


Vétoquinol has a link with animals that
few pharmaceutical companies can match.

Vétoquinol is the 10th largest European veterinary pharmaceutical company. From its creation in 1933 it has been exclusively and passionately dedicated to developing, innovating and manufacturing veterinary medicines and nutritional supplements of the highest quality that each day, all around the world, help to improve the health and welfare of animals.

Nobody understands horses better than Vétoquinol.

This family owned and independent company prides itself on being above all passionate about animals and its desire to push back the veterinary frontiers for the sake of their welfare.  With more than 75 years of experience and acquired expertise in all areas related to horse health and well-being , it was only natural that Vétoquinol reinforced its already incontestable position as a leading nutraceutical expert with the acquisition of the EQUISTRO® range in 2001.

Vétoquinol is unique in its unrelenting strive for innovation, quality and improved nutritional solutions for the horse that only an International Veterinary Pharmaceutical company can provide.

Vétoquinol believes in leading from the front when it comes to helping the veterinary surgeon and horse owner alike  to achieve a better understanding of this most noble of animals that was yesterday impossible…

And tomorrow…EQUISTRO® along with the wealth of expertise provided by Vétoquinol will continue to be at the forefront of this quest.

For more information concerning Vetoquinol please visit www.vetoquinol.com


Special WEG contests!! More than 4 000 Euros of EQUISTRO products are up for grabs!
1 Quiz Contest & 1 Selfie Contest to entertain your breaks between 2 rounds! If you want to participate, its easy just come to meet us on the EQUISTRO Store to fill in the little 5 questions quiz and you could win a YEARS EQUISTRO SPONSORSHIP alongside our EQUISTRO Team! Also, do not forget to bring your smartphone to share on our Twitter & Facebook pages your best Selfie with an EQUISTRO champion or a Selfie of you on our booth More than 4 000 Euros of EQUISTRO products are up for grabs! Use the hashtag #equistro2014 To know all about the contest, visit our Website www.equistro.com To find the rules in details just go to this following link: http://www.equistro.com/ProdsName/Product_Development.asp, and you will find everything you want to know!

William Fox-Pitt, British Eventing Champion, joins Vetoquinols Team Equistro!
Vetoquinol, the manufacturer of EQUISTRO, is proud to announce a new three year partnership with multi-medallist and International Eventer, William Fox-Pitt. EQUISTRO has been chosen by William Fox-Pitt as his supplement range of choice. William FOX-PITT explains: The well-being of my horses is my first priority. With the constant need for better performance combined with the strict regulations of the international authorities, riders really need to find the top products, both in terms of quality ingredients and high manufacturing standards. The EQUISTRO range offers specific individualised and trusted solutions for sport and competitive horses which meets both of these requirements. I want my horses to be at the top of their game for the coming World Equestrian Games, the Olympics Games and all of the big competitions: working with EQUISTRO to help to improve my training program is definitely a great step forward!


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