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Welcome to Equistro.com


Vétoquinol has a link with animals that
few pharmaceutical companies can match.

Vétoquinol is the 10th largest European veterinary pharmaceutical company. From its creation in 1933 it has been exclusively and passionately dedicated to developing, innovating and manufacturing veterinary medicines and nutritional supplements of the highest quality that each day, all around the world, help to improve the health and welfare of animals.

Nobody understands horses better than Vétoquinol.

This family owned and independent company prides itself on being above all passionate about animals and its desire to push back the veterinary frontiers for the sake of their welfare.  With more than 75 years of experience and acquired expertise in all areas related to horse health and well-being , it was only natural that Vétoquinol reinforced its already incontestable position as a leading nutraceutical expert with the acquisition of the EQUISTRO® range in 2001.

Vétoquinol is unique in its unrelenting strive for innovation, quality and improved nutritional solutions for the horse that only an International Veterinary Pharmaceutical company can provide.

Vétoquinol believes in leading from the front when it comes to helping the veterinary surgeon and horse owner alike  to achieve a better understanding of this most noble of animals that was yesterday impossible…

And tomorrow…EQUISTRO® along with the wealth of expertise provided by Vétoquinol will continue to be at the forefront of this quest.

For more information concerning Vetoquinol please visit www.vetoquinol.com


Product of the month: B-CAROTIN, for Broodmare and Stallion Fertility
B-CAROTIN is composed of Key Vitamin and Vitamin precursors for an optimal reproduction health. It is recommended to start a cure when the pasture/roughage is less rich in B-carotene, notably from January to May as well as during the stud season. Recommended use for Stallions --> when the covering vigour and sperm quality are essential factors. Recommended use for Broodmares --> when the heat quality, viable pregnancies and colostrum quality are the advantages particularly required. Concentrate of B-carotene, vitamins A, E and unsaturated fatty acids. For specialised use in: *Broodmares - to aid fertility. *Breeding stallions - to optimise covering performance and sperm quality.

EQUISTRO is joining the French Equestrian Federation and becomes its official supplier for 2014!!!
Its official, Sophie Dubourg, Director of the French teams has announced the good news yesterday! "I am proud to announce our new collaboration with EQUISTRO for this important year coming with the WEG in Normandy. The physical preparation of the horses is our priority, that is why we are working with the best." Every rider from the French Teams will rely on the EQUISTRO expertise and will benefit during all the year of special offers to improve the complementation of their horses! Alain Cosnier, Country Manager-France, is also explaining that we are more than the Official supplier but we are primarily their supporters and by this partnership, its for us a way to help the French equestrian sport! Expertise, Performance and Passion are the strong points of the EQUISTRO range and this partnership is just a logical step in our strategy!


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