Locomotor system

  • Arthritis

    Known as a very common condition in horses, osteoarthritis, most commonly called arthrosis, refers to an articular cartilage damage, to an osseous remodeling and to a peri-articular soft tissue modification.

  • Bone Spavin

    Osteo-arthritis of the hock is commonly called spavin. It manifests itself by chronic mild lameness of the hind limbs. In most cases, it is bilateral.

  • Lameness

    Lameness is an abnormal gait of the horse. The severity of the lameness can be divided into 5 categories.

  • Laminitis

    Laminitis is the inflammation and congestion of the foot. It is an extremely painful process that constitutes a medical emergency because of the risks of aggravation and complications that can lead to death.

  • Navicular Syndrome/disease

    Navicular disease or syndrome is a pathology feared by horse owners and riders. A cause of lameness in horses, it often leads to an early retirement. No single cause of navicular disease has been identified to date.

  • Sprain

    Modern day horse sports have great osseous, muscular, tendinous and ligamentous demands. Work intensity generates stress on these structures.