Why add electrolytes to a horse’s diet?

Horses can lose up to 6% of their body weight through sweat. The main component of sweat is water, but large amounts of essential electrolytes and nutrients are also lost during this process. This includes for example the important bulk and trace elements sodium, chloride, magnesium, calcium, potassium, iron and zinc. While sweating, the equine body additionally loses lactate as an end product of energy metabolism, as well as bicarbonate and amino acids.

What are electrolytes good for?

Sodium and potassium are essential for the proper functioning of cell metabolism, the adequate absorption of nutrients and to maintain physiological blood pressure. Together with chloride, the osmotic effectiveness of these substances ensures the fine regulation of water absorption in the intestine and thus adequate hydration of the body overall.

Magnesium and calcium do not just play a role in stabilising the skeleton and as basic substances for building bones and teeth. They are also involved into the process of muscle contraction and as such, also ensure strong cardiac function.

What leads to electrolyte losses in horses?

Following high levels of physical activity, during competitions and training, at high ambient temperatures or in overstraining situations, the equine organism can lose large quantities of electrolytes and trace elements, as well as vitamins and amino acids.

The electrolyte balance of the horse faces special challenges when maximum performance is required with high temperatures, a situation that cannot be avoided with long-distance riding, show-jumping or dressage events and even after a long tail ride for leisure horses. Under such extraordinary conditions, horses are normally unable to get the extra electrolytes they need from their basic feed.

A lack of essential nutrients and electrolytes can also be caused by cases of severe diarrhoea. Furthermore, a restricted supply of forage in winter may lead to deficiencies in electrolytes which can cause irritations in the muscle, nerve or bone metabolism in severe cases. When faced with such challenges, horses are frequently unable to adequately meet their increased nutritional needs via basic rations and need an additional electrlyte intake.

Specifically guard against increased requirements

A lack of these essential minerals, vitamins and amino acids can bring about changes in the acid-base balance, with the result that proper functioning of the muscle, nerve and energy metabolism is no longer guaranteed. Such disproportion may be manifested in impaired performance, muscle tension, hypersensitivity or cramp. The heart, muscles and brain can in particular be affected here, possibly leading to disorders such as a decline in performance, reduced ability to concentrate, acidification of muscles or cardiac arrhythmias, with damage to tissue occurring on occasion. A comprehensive supply of biologically high-quality, readily assimilated electrolytes and highly concentrated vitamins is vital to provide the body with sufficient resources. This will ensure rapid recovery and stabilisation of the organism by maintaining osmotic pressure in the tissue.


ELYTAAN can help to quickly balance out electrolyte losses to optimum effect using highly concentrated ingredients administered in liquid form. Besides the essential electrolytes magnesium, sodium, potassium and calcium, ELYTANN also contains the readily assimilated trace elements iron, zinc, copper and manganese. Recovery and performance of the horse are additionally supported by the essential amino acids lysine and methionine contained in ELYTANN.

ELECTROLYT 7 provides horses with a rich supply of biologically high-quality trace elements, readily assimilated electrolytes and highly concentrated vitamins. This promotes long-term recovery and stabilisation of the horse’s performance potential, so specifically guarding against deficiencies in special situations.

ENERGY BOOSTER – the feed supplement available in a practical applicator for oral administration. It compensates valuable minerals, trace and bulk elements lost through massive exertion or with an increased requirement for B-complex vitamins. By also supplying extra energy in the form of glucose and essential amino acids, ENERGY BOOSTER also can quickly help muscles to recover following major exertion or acts as a pick-me-up whenever a horse is experiencing a seasonal decline in performance.

Dr. Caroline Fritz