Horse muscle

Muscle support

Horses need maximum muscle power fostering consistent rideabilty and improved endurance during training and competitions.

Horses need to build up their muscle mass to develop and maintain a powerful and high performing musculature. Growing horses, sport horses undergoing intensive training, horses in convalescence phases and senior horses are depending on the continuous supply of highly digestible protein to develop their muscles on top level.

Especially sport horses need a maximum of muscle power for rideability and endurance especially during physical exertion. This requires an effective musculoskeletal system and a strong immune system. A combination of short recovery periods and sustained stress on the body because of intensive training or competitions are inevitably associated with the presence of free radicals that can permanently damage muscles and weaken the immune system. Overtaxing the muscles through extensive training, challenging competitions or inadequate recovery periods lead to an imbalance between the presence of antioxidants and accumulation of free radicals. This state, known as oxidative stress, causes damage to the cell membrane.