Horse legs

Skin, coat & hooves

The horse’s hoof is a miracle of evolution and horses have up to 800 hairs per square centimeter of skin which implicates how high efforts the horse's metabolism need to take for renew cells and fur of the skin metabolism.

In addition to tendons, ligaments, joints and muscles, the hoof is the elementary functional unit of a horse’s limb. It must not only be able to bear a horse’s full weight, but also act as a shock absorber and protect the anatomical structures within the hoof capsule from external influences. A healthy hoof capsule achieves a growth rate per month of approx. 1 cm. It takes around one year for the horn of the entire hoof capsule to renew, from the coronary band to the bearing edge. There are many reasons why hoof horn may become fragile, deformed, or cracked. Damaged hooves that undergo a high degree of stress must be especially cared for and need all the important nutrients that promote healthy hoof growth. In addition to biotin and zinc, manganese, methionine also play an important role in achieving soft but stable hoof horn and support a smooth skin metabolism for a shiny coat.