Equistro® FLEXADIN

Equistro® FLEXADIN

Locomotor system

The FLEXADIN with UCII® original formula is of particular interest for horses whose joint mechanism is subject to intense effort and regular exertion. Contains patented collagen, MSM and chelated manganese, chosen to support a lasting joint health and mobility.

Product description


Lactose, Methyl sulphonyl methane (MSM) 39.6%, chicken cartilage powder (UCII®): (containing Potassium chloride: 0.96%, total collagen: 0.8%) 3.2%. Additives/kg: Compounds of trace elements: Manganese as manganese chelate of amino acids, hydrate (E5) 480 mg.


Adult horses (500kg) : 10 to 15g daily


600g pot


The formula FLEXADIN with UCII® is analysed for environmental contaminant, ensuring that the product does not contain ingredients likely to make a positive doping test.


Original complementary feeding stuff formulation based on a revolutionary concept, a patented collagen (UCII®) in combination with MSM and Ipaligo Manganese.

UCII®: UCII®’s difference lies in its patented extraction process that ensures the undenatured (natural) preservation of its natural triple helix structure as opposed to the hydrolysed collagens often employed.

- A molecule of undenatured (natural) type II collagen (A triple helix 3D structure and associated epitopes corresponding to cartilage collagen)

- A molecule which privileges an interaction with the digestive tract and associated lymphoid tissues leading to «oral tolerisation»

- A significant improvement in joint comfort, superior to the one seen with GAGs


- Protecting hyaluronic acid from the negative effects of oxidative reactions

(Inflammatory joint pathologies = degradation of hyaluronic acid by free radicals)

- Helping conserve synovial fluid viscosity


- A molecule rich in sulphur

- An ingredient that limits the potential loss of antioxidants from horses undergoing continuous effort (Significative improvement in the antioxidant enzyme levels (compared to not supplemented horses))

- A use that could help modulate the inflammatory response (reduction in the increase of NO relative to continued effort)