The corner stone for the healthy development of a foal is laid by proper nutrition, particularly in the first year of life. IPALIGO® Foal provides essential trace elements and vitamins especially formulated for the sensitive digestive tract of foals in the first weeks of live to balance nutrient deficiencies caused by natural decrease of these substances in the mare’s milk. IPALIGO® Foal provides beside iron, copper, zinc, and selenium in a ready assimilated form (organically linked by IPALIGO® - TEC) also vitamins A, C, D, and E. Thus, IPALIGO® Foal contributes to the vitalization and strengthening of cell formation, bone growth, muscle development and the immune system of newborns and suckling foals that need special protection.

Iron is an important co-factor for cell formation and plays an essential role in the synthesis of several cells (e.g., blood cells).

Copper is an important cell protection antioxidant and important for the protection of all cell wall types (e.g., blood cells) as well as the production of hemoglobin.

Zinc can help strengthen the immune system and protect the cells from oxidative stress.

Vitamin A plays an important role as a cell growth factor and in the development of the immune system, among many other functions.

Vitamin E and organically linked selenium are potent antioxidants necessary for proper function of muscular, neurological, and immune systems, limiting the level of oxidative stress with superior bioavailability.

For a healthy development of the skeleton, vitamin D3 is essential to absorb enough calcium in the intestine.

Advantages of IPALIGO FOAL

  • Excellent palatability
  • Rich in vitamin A, C, D, E, iron, copper, zinc, and selenium
  • Natural source of highly digestible protein (soy & brewer's yeast)
  • Low dosage – high efficiency
  • Easy to administer


Brewer’s yeast, Soy protein concentrate. Additives/kg : Compounds of trace elements: Iron (as Iron (II) chelate of amino acids hydrate) (3b106) 7800 mg, Zinc (as Zinc chelate of glycine hydrate)(3b607) 2680 mg, Copper (as Copper (II) chloride dihydrate )(3b403) 1000 mg, Selenium (as Sodium selenite) (3b801) 20 mg. Vitamins and pro-vitamins: Vitamin A (3a672a) 7.1 x 107 IU, Vitamin D3 (3a671) 200000 IU, Vitamin E/all-rac-alpha-tocopheryl acetate (3a700) 21400 IU, Vitamin C (3a300) 7140 mg, Choline chloride (3a890) 780 mg. Aromatic substances: Glycine (2b17034) 5000 mg. Binders: Bentonite (1m558i) 12000mg. Preservatives: Citric acid (1a330) 15500 mg. Analytical constituents: Moisture 72 %, Crude protein 5 %, Crude ash 4.3 %, Crude fat 4 %, Crude fibre 1 %, Sodium 0.5 %.



Foals: 1st month: 1 oral syringe per foal after birth

To repeat once or twice at regular intervals. From 2nd to 6th month: 1 oral syringe per month until weaning. Administer directly into the mouth or in the feed. The simultaneous use of different organic acids or their salts is contraindicated where one or more of them is used at or near the maximum permitted content.


3 x14g


First three months of life


No doping relevancy according to FEI clean sport rules

clean sport ok