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Formerly a professional rider in England and Ireland, Janina was later active as an amateur on German racecourses and trained with Olympic equestrian trainers as well as classical dressage trainers and groundwork professionals. As a sports journalist and PR consultant, Janina always has her finger on the pulse of what's happening, with a particular preference for the thoroughbred scene.

From 2012, Janina regularly rode as an amateur on the Munich racecourse in training, followed in 2014 by a participation in an active racehorse, which she accompanied editorially in 2014 into well-deserved retirement and successfully presented there in eventing at tournaments - the birth of her blog "A racehorse retires". She now also runs a marketplace where thoroughbred racehorses are sold to experienced riders to give them a life after the racetrack.

Janina Beckmann about her partnership with EQUISTRO:

HAEMOLYTAN is my all-purpose solution for the immune system at all times. During coat changes and other signs of weakness, all my horses are given HAEMOLYTAN as a cure. The bottle has been part of the stable equipment for 10 years now and proves its worth every year.