My passion lies is the process of educating horses towards Grand Prix, in a way that they stay happy, healthy and motivated. Each horse requires its own unique plan to reach its full potential and therefore I choose to use Equistro. We feed all our horses Megabase and especially Elytaan has proven to be excellent for the competing horses both under the shows and during long transportations.

Stella HAGELSTAM (Finland)

I have been using Flexadin with my 6 year old Thoroughbred mare for the past month. Competing at 1.15m and novice level eventing is hard on her joints and tendons even though she is cleared by a vet. I studied supplements for weeks before deciding on Flexadin to make sure she was in good health for the upcoming season. She used to be stiff in her hind legs after shows and long training sessions. Since the use of this product she has had no issues with stiffness at all and feels better in her movement. I have also started using it on my 13 year old Swedish Warmblood who competes 1.20m and at training level to keep him happy and healthy.

Sydney Bradfield
Horse trainer

The Equistro supplements have been recommended to me by a dear friend and leading Australian racehorse nutritionist in 2009 – and I have never looked back since. They have made a huge difference to my horses in their overall wellbeing, their performance and also their “looks”. All horses in my yard are – at their individual level – top athletes and it is imperative to me that everything is being done to ensure their wellbeing and give them the best chance to develop and perform at the best of their individual availabilities. There is a history to each of my individual favourite products – Excell E to me is as valuable as “pure gold”, Kerabol has been “live changing” for some of my horses, Flexadin UCII is a priceless support to my top competition horses - and many more. I am delighted that I have now, after 7 years of intensive use of the Equistro products, become a part of the Equistro family !

Andrew HOY (Australia)

I’m using the Equistro products since 2010 and for me not only the effeteness’ is important but also that the products are not positive in FEI doping tests. I’m giving all my horses on the higher level Flexadin UCII as well to prevent injuries as to keep the  joints flexible.  To support the muscles I use Excell E and if necessary in combination with Azodine. I also feed Chrysanphyton to some of my horses if needed and of course Elektrolyt and Elytaan where needed.Products as Respadril and Elimination I always have at the barn. I’m happy to have the support of Equistro and belong to the Equistro family.

Gudrun PATTEET (Belgium)
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