High performance

The massive efforts on high performance level can lead to a massive loss of sweat with direct associated loss of essential nutrients and water affecting the acid-base-balance.

After heavy physical exertion in training, competitions, during transportation, or in high temperatures, the horse’s body loses important minerals (electrolytes), trace elements and vitamins through heavy sweating. A horse can also become deficient in these nutrients following severe diarrhea. During such unusual situations, horses are often not able to sufficiently cover the resulting increased requirement for nutrients via their basic diet. A lack of essential amino acids, important vitamins and necessary trace elements can significantly slow down the recovery period and lead to a decreased performance condition as especially electrolytes are crucial for a smooth function of muscle, nerve, and energy metabolism. Providing a horse with sufficient quickly available high-digestible trace elements, fast-acting electrolytes and highly effective vitamins is therefore important for ensuring a rapid recovery and stabilization of the horse’s cellular milieu to keep the performance potential.