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The unique composition of FLEXADIN with UC-II® undenatured type-II collagen ingredient, MSM and organically linked Manganese has been developed for supporting long-lasting joint fitness in horses. The innovative approach of FLEXADIN can improve the horse’s joint flexibility and support young and adult horses in dealing better with stressed joints due to high efforts.

UC-II® undenatured type-II-collagen is a native type-II collagen molecule maintaining its natural triple helix structure (not hydrolyzed type-II collagen). This molecule privileges an interaction with the digestive tract and associated lymphoid tissue (Peyer plaques) and leads therefore to immune modulating effects in the joint by downregulating the attack of joint cartilage via the immune system.

MSM is well known as a molecule rich in sulfur and has the ability to limit the potential loss of antioxidants in horses undergoing continuous high efforts which can lead to increased stress to the horse’s joints. Horses receiving a daily diet containing MSM can benefit from a significant improvement in the antioxidant enzyme levels compared to horses without MSM supplementation.

Manganese is an important trace element and well-known for protecting the hyaluronic acid as one of the central substances in the joint from the negative effects of oxidative reactions which can occur during joint.

Advantages of FLEXADIN

  • Unique & innovative approach (immunomodulating effect)
  • Well proven ingredients (scientifically established)
  • Low dosage – high efficiency
  • Easy to administer (to be mixed with the feed)
  • No doping (FEI clean sport rules)


Lactose, Methyl sulphonyl methane (MSM) 39.6%, chicken cartilage powder (UCII®): (containing Potassium chloride: 0.96%, total collagen: 0.8%) 3.2%. Additives/Kg: Compounds of trace elements: Manganese as manganese chelate of amino acids hydrate (3b505) 480 mg. Preservatives: Sorbic acid (1a200) 4000 mg.  Analytical constituents: Moisture 18 %, Crude ash 9,5 %, Ash insoluble in HCl 5.2 %, Crude protein 1.5 %, Sodium 1 %, Crude fibre 0.4 %, Crude fat 0.3 %.



Adult horses (500 kg):
Initial dose (12 weeks) 15 g (1 ½ scoops) once daily (mix with the feed)
Ongoing dose: 10 g (1 scoop) once daily (mix with the feed)

Mix with usual feed. The simultaneous use of different organic acids or their salts is contraindicated where one or more of them is used at or near the maximum permitted content.


600 g pod


40 days (15g for first 12 weeks)
60 days (10g ongoing dose)


No doping relevancy according to FEI clean sport rules

clean sport ok