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The unique composition of FLEXADIN ADVANCED with UC-II® undenatured type-II collagen ingredient, Boswellia serrata, manganese and omega-3-fatty acids has been formulated especially to improve the repair mechanisms of cartilage and joints helping to maintain joint mobility. The ingredients contained in FLEXADIN ADVANCED can help to structurally improve the integrity of joints and positively modulate inflammatory processes.

UC-II® undenatured type-II-collagen is a native type-II collagen molecule maintaining its natural triple helix structure (not hydrolyzed type-II collagen). This molecule privileges an interaction with the digestive tract and associated lymphoid tissue (Peyer plaques) and leads therefore to immune modulating effects in the joint by downregulating the attack of joint cartilage via the immune system.

The extract of specific Boswellia acids is well investigated in humans and dogs for having anti-inflammatory properties in suppressing the cascade of releasing local tissue hormones (Leukotrienes) that are responsible for triggering inflammatory processes in the joint.

Omega-3 fatty acids are of great importance for the metabolism. They are essential components of the cell membranes and protect them against antioxidative attacks by free oxygen radicals. In addition, studies have shown that they can strengthen the immune system and reduce inflammation.

Manganese is an important trace element and well-known for protecting the hyaluronic acid as one of the central substances in the joint from the negative effects of oxidative reactions which can occur during joint.


  • Excellent palatability
  • Rapid onset of action
  • Modern formulation (Pellets)
  • Easy to dose – no wastage
  • No doping (FEI clean sport rules)


Barley flour, lucerne, extruded, dried and micronised carob pods meal, dried apple pulp, sugar, linseed oil 2.9% (Omega 3 source), chicken cartilage powder (UC•II®): (contains potassium chloride: 0.22%, total quantity of collagen: 0.19%, (with undenatured collagen type II: 0.022%)) 0.7%. Additives/Kg: Aromatic substances: Olibanum extract (dry extract of olibanum from Boswellia serrata Roxb. Ex Colebr.) (2b2816-ex) 19600 mg.  Compounds of trace elements: Manganese as manganese chelate of amino acids hydrate (3b505) 1200 mg. Analytical constituents: Crude fibre 15%, Moisture 12%, Crude protein 9%, Crude ash 5.5%, Crude fat 4%, Sodium 0.23%, Total Omega 3 fatty acids 0.6%.



Adult horses (500 kg): 40 g daily

Mix with usual feed. Water should be available at all times.


Should not be given during pregnancy as there is not enough evidence-based data available concerning the effects of Boswellia serrata on pregnancy (in humans, rats or horses).


2.4 kg bucket


60 days (daily dose of 40 g / day / horse 500 kg BW)


No doping relevancy according to FEI clean sport rules

clean sport ok